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On Truly Connected High Performing Teams

April 02, 2021 / by Monica / 4 comments

The Future of Remote Work

In 2020 the number of remote workers increased in unprecedented numbers and technology firms innovated platforms to meet the need for increased connectivity. A year into the new normal we look to the future asking, what is the future of remote work? According to a recent Gartner CFO survey 74% of companies plan to move 5% of their in-office workforce permanently to remote positions. Another Reuters survey reports “information technology decision makers expect permanent remote work to double to 34.4% of their company?s workforce in 2021.”

What this means is a continuation of connectivity via online platforms and the frustrations of utilizing multiple modal medias to set up and perform virtual meeting spaces. As video conferencing and virtual meetings increase its effects on remote workers reveal it has an exhausting cognitive load when compared with traditional face-to-face interactions. David J. Levin- a neuroscientist researching the intersection of technology, addiction, and productivity- attributes cognitive overload with this increase in multitasking saying it ?wreaks havoc?causes stress and leads to decision overload.? Ultimately increasing the extraneous load and decreasing productivity of the remote workforce.

Researchers at Stanford are measuring fatigue from interpersonal technology, especially video conferencing, showing that seeing a reflection of yourself causes you to be more critical and carries with it negative emotional consequences. The question arises, how can your company stay connected, reduce cognitive overload on remote workers, and increase productivity? The answer is Connect. As a non-video conference platform we connect all your employees and conversations within a continuous virtual meeting space. No need for three emails and a video conference link. If their virtual door is open any employee can stop in and connect instantly. Creating meaningful conversations and increasing collaboration without the stressors of scheduling and revealing the mess you and your home office have become.