Eliminate Distance

Bring Your Team Closer



Whatever you're working on, connecting is easy. A single click, a shortcut, or even your voice is all that's needed.


Start a conversation in the blink of an eye. There's no need to wait.


Be together when you're apart. Hear conversations between your teammates unless you close your door.


No need to look over your shoulder. Our conversations happen with secure end-to-end encryption.

Have conversations again -- join our pilot!

Have conversations, Not meetings

Collaboration isn’t planned. Connect lets you see who’s online. Start a conversation with ease, or join one that’s already going.

Privacy on Demand

Connect lets you hear conversations between your teammates, just like being in the office. But for when you’re head-down and need privacy...just shut your door.

Constant Connection

Sit with your coworkers - even at home. Hear background conversations and jump in if it suits you. Or tune it out and keep working.

Collaboration without Distraction

Connections at your fingertips exist in the background when not in use. We did the hard part so you don’t have one more app to manage. Easy collaboration that you don’t have to think about.

Keep Work Friendly

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean distanced socially. Connect lets you keep in touch with your work friends without the effort or formality of calling a meeting.

One on One or All for One

Connect makes it easy to have a conversation with a teammate or the whole team. No waiting. No scheduling. Just connections.