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  • Can people hear me all the time?
    No. No one can hear anything on your end unless you are in a conversation with them. A phone call? Your music? Talking to the cat? No one on your team will hear any of that. Teammates will only hear conversations that occur on Connect (unless they’ve been made private, and then no one will hear them...except maybe the cat).
  • Is Connect secure?
    Yes! Connect is built on WebRTC and relies on encrypted connections between each user. Conversation audio never passes through a Connect server, it goes from your computer to your teammates only.
  • Why not Teams/Slack/Zoom?
    At Connect, we don’t aim to do everything okay, we strive to do one thing better than anyone else. Files need to be sent. Video meetings need to happen. We get it. But what’s missing with remote work is the effortless collaboration that comes with being in the office, and that’s what Connect brings. All of the existing tools are transactional and require your attention to use. Connect exists in the background and doesn’t remove you from your workflow. Nothing else allows conversations and collaboration to just happen. Give it a try and see what you’ve been missing!

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