Working From Home ≠ Isolated

Working Remote can leave you feeling isolated with no opportunity for spontaneous interaction with your teammates. Are you missing your team?

Meetings ≠ Collaboration

Not another meeting! Video conferences are exhausting and unnatural. Are you finding collaboration difficult with the endless stream of meetings?

Out of Office ≠ Wasted Time

Scheduling meetings...getting in calendars... tracking down much wasted time. Do you miss just being able to turn to your coworker?

Messaging ≠ Connection

Typing is tedious and chats are impersonal. Do you miss working together?

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Conversation is Natural. You Don't Have to Give That Up!

Conversation is the most powerful form of interaction for meaningful connection. Expressing yourself is natural and effortless when you can speak to someone right next to you. Don't compromise... Connect!

Tools to make Life Easier

Existing tools, like video conferencing and text chat, can be great, but they require far too much effort to be natural.

Speech to Eliminate Distance

Speaking with each other is natural. Using technology shouldn't make speaking unnatural.

Voices to Keep it Meaningful

Meetings for the sake of meetings doesn't lead to meaningful interaction. Being remote doesn't have to take the power from your voice.

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