Using Connect

How is using Connect Different?

Standups Are Better with Connect

  • No link to dig up
  • No effort to join
  • No worries with integrating in-office and remote

Standups are for standing up to keep the daily meeting short and to the point. But standups are useful even if we aren’t all standing together. With remote work, standups can be tedious by requiring you to find the video link, remember to call in on schedule, and coordinate with any in-office team members.

Connect eliminates all of this friction and brings standups back to being short and to the point. There’s no meeting to join … the whole team is already connected. There’s no clock to watch … the meeting starts just like you’re all together. Whether remote or in the office, your whole team is connected just the same. And if you want to continue a discussion, there’s no need for a new meeting or a phone call; break out into smaller conversations right in Connect. Connect conforms to how you work — wherever you are.

Troubleshooting an Issue

  • No calls to coordinate
  • No conferences to join
  • No searching for who you need to talk to

Issues and outages don’t happen on a schedule. Triage through chat is tedious. Setting up meetings requires curating invite lists. All of this takes time away from fixing the actual issue. Not only that, remote employees are often completely left out and overlooked in helping to address the issues.

With Connect, there’s no meeting to call or chat to type. Connect scales seamlessly from the first casual contact between two team members to a full group collaboration. Any team members can jump right in as they hear the problems unfold. Remote or in the office, everyone is there, and no one needs to be brought up to speed. Connect empowers your team to resolve questions more quickly and more seamlessly than ever before.

Working in a Group

  • No worry about forgetting to include remote employees
  • No cumbersome process to bring everyone together
  • No worry of being left out — jump in if you have something to add

Group collaboration evolves as part of an exchange between team members. Different team members often have additional context, and the group keeps growing. A desk or chat exchange is useful during the initiation phase, but these methods don’t scale well as group participation increases. Things start to break down when switching to alternative communication methods, and remote workers can get left out entirely.

Connect was designed with group work in mind, because teamwork requires constant communication. We know that group collaboration evolves throughout a conversation as more team members with knowledge join together. Connect facilitates this collaboration by broadcasting conversations to colleagues with open doors. There’s no need to switch tools and break up the group after a certain size is reached. Connect is there from start to end, allowing anyone interested or relevant to stay in the loop, join, or participate — all without taking them away from what they were working on. Collaborating through Connect means less disruption.

Keep in touch with Colleagues

  • No more purely transactional interactions
  • No more forced socialization

So many meaningful exchanges take place outside of meetings ... between lunch, grabbing coffee, or casually stopping to chat with someone in their office. Not only is it nice to socialize, these conversations often result in the best ideas.

Being friendly isn’t scheduled, and that suffers when no one is in the office. Remote interaction tends to be structured and transactional. Conversations have meeting invites, reminders and agendas. Team cohesion suffers and company culture is undermined.

Connect creates a space for these exchanges to take place again — without the office. Team members can instantly and verbally communicate as if they were sitting together. There is no effort, no video conference, and no chat window, only real, relevant connection. Say hi as you’re sipping coffee. Check in while you check your email. It’s the passing interactions that keep your team strong. So don’t let your team wither, use connect and support your team’s inter-personal substrate.

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