Why we built Connect

Our coworkers are our friends. Some of us are even lucky enough to work with our best friends. When the pandemic hit and quarantine shut down offices, we didn’t get to interact with our friends any more. And we’re not alone, everyone we talked to was missing the connection with their work friends and teammates.

We all love working remote, but collaboration and innovation happens in the in-between. When you can turn to your friend and ask a quick question. When you can interject on a discussion you overhear. It’s walking to the meeting, or grabbing a coffee after the meeting, that’s when it happens. And that’s what we were missing.

So we started looking at what's out there for staying connected when you’re not together, and it turns out there’s not much. Using video conferencing or messaging to replace the organic connection to your work friends wasn’t working. Scheduling meetings, being on camera, setting agendas, typing out your thoughts; it’s exhausting. And interacting with our team started to feel like a chore with collaboration going by the wayside. Even with all of these tools to stay connected at our disposal, we felt more disconnected than ever. We wanted to fix that.

We set out to build Connect with this in mind. We wanted an easy way to stay connected to our teammates, our friends, for spontaneous collaboration and for casual conversation. We needed something that was always there, was never obtrusive, and above all else, was as effortless as talking to someone sitting right next to you. And we built something we’re really proud of.

Whether you work remote every day, or you’re in the office some days and home others, we want to help you stay connected. Wherever you’re working, and wherever your teammates are working, it's never been easier to collaborate, innovate, and interact just like you’re all in the office together.